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What to Expect at Your Eye Exam in Arlington Heights

What to Expect at Your Eye Exam in Arlington Heights:

You might take the health of your eyes for granted, and it is only until something goes wrong that you realize how important good eyesight is. Getting regular eye exams in Arlington Heights is typically comprised of a series of different tests to evaluate your vision and to check for any potential problems. This ensures that we are able to detect problems when they are the most treatable.

When to Have an Eye Exam

There are many different factors that determine how often you need to get an eye exam, including age, overall health, and your risk of developing eye problems. Here are some groups of people that should be getting eye exams in Arlington Heights regularly.
-Children 5 and younger: Younger children may experience eye problems such as lazy eye, crossed eyes or eyes that are turned out. This is a prime time for comprehensive eye exams.
-School-aged children and teenagers: A lot of changes take place during this time, so it is important to have your child’s vision checked before they go to school. As long as there is no family history of vision problems, kids can get their vision checked annually or once every two years.
-Adults: Adults in their 20s and 30s should get their eyes checked once every 5-10 years. Adults ages 40-54 should get their eyes checked every 2-4 years. Around age 55, it is best to get your eyes checked

During your eye exam, you can expect your doctor to ask you a lot of questions, as well as complete multiple tests.

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