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The Role of the Retina

The Role of the Retina:

Our retina doctor in Arlington Heights is well-versed in all things retinas. But do you know the role of this thin layer of tissue that lines the back of your eye? The retina is located near the optic nerve and its purpose is to help receive light and convert it into neural signals that are sent to the brain to recognize. As you are reading this, your retina is working hard to be the middleman between the light and your brain!

Photoreceptor Cells

How exactly does the retina work? Because of photoreceptor cells located in your retina, it is able to play its role in light detection. Photoreceptor cells are light-sensitive and detect qualities like color and light intensity. These receptors send this information to your brain through the optic nerve.

Retinal Damage

As you can tell, your retina plays a vital role in your eyesight, so damage to your retina may cause permanent blindness. For example, retinal detachment can prevent the retina from both receiving and processing light. Unfortunately, this may cause blindness. Your retina may also be detached; picture wallpaper peeling off of a wall. This is a good representation of what happens when your retina detaches from the back or your eye. Unless treated with retina surgery, retinal detachment almost always results in blindness.

At Arlington Eye Physicians, our retina doctor in Arlington Heights can help ensure your retina is properly attached and working. Schedule an appointment with us if you want to learn more information about our retina-focused practice areas.